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Product Overview

RCBS bullet lubes were specifically designed to eliminate leading and improve the accuracy of cast bullets.
Handgun lube is a special non-toxic blend that is recommended for indoor use, as well as, outdoor use. These hollow sticks measure 1" x 4" and have a melting point of 115 degrees fahrenheit.

Technical Information:
  • Material: Specially non-toxic blend
  • Quantity: 1 stick, 1.25 oz, 1" x 4"
  • Melting Point: 115 degrees fahrenheit
  • Container: Plastic tube

  • Features:
    • Works with bench mounted lube-sizers that accept 1" x 4" lube sticks

    • Notes:
      • Lube heater is recommended for best results, but not required
      • Bullets should be clean and dry with all oils, grease and silicones removed for best adhesion

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